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How Do Ice Dams Form in Mequon, WI?

If you live in the North, you understand the struggle with our winter snow season and have most likely experienced heavy snow that leads to Ice Dams. There are two common reasons that Ice Dams form, including lack of insulation and too much snow on your roof. As snow continues to fall and build up, your roof vents will eventually become covered. Roof vents are very important to the health of our roof. These vents allow your roof to breathe allowing the rising heat to escape. If the vents are blocked, your roof will continue to heat up, causing the snow to melt. You would think this would be a good thing. However, every roof has a two-inch overhang that is not heated. So the runoff water from the melted snow will now freeze over the two inch unheated overhang, creating the Ice Dam. As this process continues, the ice dam builds and holds water. Once there is too much water, it can break through your roof and you now have an unwanted waterfall inside your home or walls. Ice Dam Crew is here to help! Contact us at 1-855-GOT-ICEE (1-855-468-4233).

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Many times we are asked how Ice Dams form.
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How does an ice dam form in Mequon, WI?

What is an Ice Dam?

Ice Dams form for two reasons. The first reason is because of low insulation in your attic. When it is cold outside and your roof heats up, this causes the bottom layer of snow to melt, once the running water reaches the overhang of your roof (which does not heat up) it will freeze on the edge and over the gutters. As the water melts and collects with the newly formed ice, it pools and eventually refreezes. However, the standing water can also cause a leak in your roof and will cause a leak.

The second reason Ice Dams form is from having to much snow on your roof. Having a lot much snow on your roof covers your roof vents which release heat from your roof. When the snow is over your vents it acts like insulation on top of your roof keeping the heat in. In this case it acts the same way as not having enough insulation; it will heat up your roof and cause the water to freeze on the edge of your roof and over your gutters. Clearing the snow off of your roof after each snow fall is very beneficial in preventing ice damming from happening.
Ice dam removal in Mequon

Safely remove Ice Dams from roof in Mequon

It is much easier to prevent Ice Damming that to ensure to additional expense of home renovations due to leaks cause by Ice Damming. Keeping the snow off of your roof is the best thing to do to for your roof when preventing Ice Dams.

How can ice dams form when there is no water on your roof to cause them? Here are a few tips when removing the snow from your roof.

1. If you are handy, you may wish to remove the snow on your roof. If you choose to do this, it is best to use chains for your boots, harness yourself so you do not fall, use a plastic shovel (not one with a metal tip), and always shovel towards the ground to prevent shingle damage.

2. When using a snow rake to remove snow from your roof be sure to scrape all the way down to your shingles. Do not only remove most of the snow. When this happens the snow rake actually packs down the snow to your roof and this packed down snow turns to ice and in most cases goes up your roof much further. In most cases when this happens ice dams form the entire length of the area you shovel.

3. Uncomfortable with removing Ice Damming along? If you need to hire a professional to remove the snow and ice from your roof, it is vital to find the right company. You will want to find a company who is Bonded and Insured and don't be afraid to ask questions to ensure they are using proper safety procedures.
safely remove ice damn in Muquon

Can I safely remove Ice Dams from roof?

Removing ice dams in a safe way does require a professional. There is many steps in keeping yourself and your roof safe from damage. Ice Dam Removal companies charge by the hour for their services. Bonded and insured companies typically charge 300-500 per hour. Using an Insured company is important because standing on an icy roof in the middle of winter is risky. If someone falls and gets hurt or an ice chunk falls off of your roof and damages something but you didn't make sure they were insured you could potentially be sued or have to pay out of pocket to repair any damages. Another factor in removing ice dams in an efficient way is using the correct equipment.

The Ice Dam Crew uses true low pressure steamers and not hot water pressure washers. When you hire a company you can easily find out what kind of machine they are using. All you need to do is ask to see their wand. If it has a trigger they are using a hot water pressure washer. If it does not have a trigger it is a true steamer. Hot water pressure washers do not burn as hot as a true steamer and they create much more damage because they have such a high PSI. In the case that this happens tell them to leave and hire a company with a true steamer.

My roof is leaking. Is it because of Ice Damming?

Your Ice Dam Crew is here to help with Ice Dam prevention and removal!

We all know winters are tough in Mequon, Wisconsin. Snow fall can be very frustrating and can cause unwanted Ice Damming on your roof. As snow continues fall, it causes vents to become blocked, which prevents the heat from properly venting. The heat then warms your roof and the snow melts and runs off of your roof. Water then pools at the two inch overhang and eventually freezes, covering the gutters. Water continues to pool and freeze, causing an even bigger Ice Damming. 

We use only low pressure steamers that are custom made for the Ice Dam removal process. We DO NOT use hot water pressure washers like most Ice Dam Removal companies. High pressure washers can damage your roof and shingles when they blast 4000 PSI out of the tip of the hose, and they do not burn as hot as a true custom steamer. Have questions? Check out our FAQ's page to see how Ice Dam Crew steamers differ from our competitor's hot water pressure washers.

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