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Why is water coming into my home? Can you help?

If you are in Maryland, you know how our winters can be and how much snow we can see come down. If you have snow on your roof and icicles coming down from your gutters, the water can be from an ice dam that is preventing the water from running off the top of your home. Normally, water will flow down your roofing materials and into your gutters, but something may be blocking that process. The only way to stop it is to remove the obstacle.

Getting on your Maryland roof any time of the year can be dangerous, but even more so when it is cold and wet. Putting a ladder up and then climbing to reach the roof during these conditions is something that should be done by professionals.

The Ice Dam Crew are those professionals and is skilled at operating in these conditions. We work all over Maryland. From Columbia to Baltimore and everywhere in between. They are also one of the most trusted companies in the USA at finding and removing ice dams from roofs. Once the ice dam is removed, the water will flow as normal; outside of your home and not into your home. Reach out to us at 1-855-GOT-ICEE (1-855-468-4233) to get started.
What is an "ice dam" anyway?
The short answer: Ice dams are walls of ice on your roof that act like any other dam. They block water from going down your roof and prevent your roofing materials from doing their job.

Shingles and other roofing materials are designed to help water flow off your home. As water backs up from the wall of ice, that water starts moving under your shingles and starts looking for the easiest way to move down. As your roofing materials aren’t designed for this, they simply don’t stand a chance. Water will win.

Heat escaping from your home rises and melts the snow, but not all at the same time or in the same areas. As the water from the melted snow comes in contact with the snow that hasn’t melted, it gets colder and colder until it eventually freezes. That ice builds up and creates a wall (ice dam) that holds water which either freezes and increases the size of the wall or puddles up behind it. The heat is always released from your home, however, it comes more rapidly from vents, skylights and other areas that have less insulation. This means snow melts in those areas before it melts in areas that have better insulation or are lower on the roof. A lot of times this is near the gutters which is where many ice dams begin.

Can you make the water stop running into my home in Maryland?

Removing the ice dam is the only way to stop the water. Ice Dam Crew can not only help, but we do it quickly. On top of that, we do it safely so as not to damage your roofing materials.

We use steam to clear ice dams, unlike many other companies that use a heated pressure washer. This gives you fast results with little to no damage to your roof.

Faster results means savings for you as well. It's not all about the old adage: "Time is money." The reality is the faster you can stop the water running into your home, the faster you can stop additional damage. If water continues to flood in, it can collapse ceilings, ruin walls and flooring and turn electronics into useless items. We guarantee that we will stop the water 30 minutes after we arrive.

Ice Dam Crew is one of Maryland's leading and trusted Ice Dam Removal Companies. The Ice Dam Crew is fully bonded and Insured for all residential and commercial properties in Maryland. We are a family owned company and understand the problems that can arise from water leaking into a home.

We do NOT use hot water pressure washers like most Ice Dam Removal companies do as these damage your roof and shingles when they blast 4000 PSI out of the tip of the hose and do not burn as hot as a true custom steamer. Please see our FAQ's page to see the difference between our True Steamer and our competitors hot water pressure washer
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Using Steam for Ice Dam Removal on Maryland homes and businesses
Some companies use heated pressure washers to remove ice dams, however, we do not recommend this method. Sending a stream of water at 4000 PSI to your shingles will cause damage. If it is used to remove ice dams and the operator cuts through the ice and into your shingles, they will cut holes in them. Most customers would rather not deal with getting a new roof on top of the damage already caused by the ice dam.

Ice Dam Crew teams only use steam to remove ice dams. Not only is it more effective and faster, but it will not damage your roofing.

Steam reaching 250-300 degrees is hot enough to cut through the ice quickly, yet at less than 300 PSI, it will not damage your roof.

We are so confident in our process that Ice Dam Crew stands behind its work and is fully licensed and bonded for all of the work we complete.
Maryland ice dam removal
Fully Bonded & Insured Ice Dam Removal
Removing Ice Dams from your roof can be dangerous and may cause damage if you do not get professional help. The trained professionals from The Ice Dam Crew can remove your Roof Snow and Ice Dams from your roof in a safe timely manner. We use true steamers, this means it is a low pressure machine burning at 400 degrees. This steam cuts through the ice on your roof and does not melt it using a hot water pressure washer like the other guys.

Climbing onto a snowy/icy roof in Maryland in the middle of winter any time of day or night is dangerous. This is why we want to ensure you that we are fully bonded and insured for your safety and ours. We take all of the required safety measures needed to stay safe on your roof. Having a trustworthy company working on your roof is important so that is why we want to give you piece of mind with our before during and after photos and our 22+ years of experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Dam Removal in Maryland

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