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Ice Dam and Snow Removal Service in West Fargo

What is an ice dam in West Fargo?
How is an ice dam formed?
The easiest explanation is that ice dams are ice walls on your roof that function similarly to other dams. Ice damming will stop water from draining from your roof and will keep your roofing materials from performing as intended.

The purpose of shingles and other roofing materials is to let water drain off your house. Water that is backing up from the ice wall begins to migrate under your shingles in search of the quickest way to drain downward. Your roofing materials just don't have a chance because they weren't made for this. Water will prevail, and the ice barrier will keep growing, blocking the flow of water from your roof.

Snow melts as heat from inside your house rises, but not everywhere at once or in the same places. As the snow starts to melt from the top of your roof, the water reaches the unmelted snow ice, it becomes colder and colder and begins to freeze. This ice accumulates to forms an ice dam, which traps water that freezes and enlarges the wall. The water continues to pool behind the frozen ice dam, which continues to grow.

Your home always releases heat, but it does so more quickly via vents, skylights, and other places with less insulation. This indicates that snow melts there before it melts elsewhere on the roof, especially in places with superior insulation. You can usually see this process begin close to the gutters, which is where most ice dams start.

How do I prevent ice dams from causing damage to my home?

If you reside in West Fargo, snow and ice problems are unavoidable. If you own a home, snow and ice damming could be serious concerns for the structure of your roof. The best approach to safeguard your property against ice damming issues and snow accumulating on your roof is to prevent ice damming from forming. The first and most crucial step in preventing water from draining off of your roofs and possibly leaking into your home is ice dam prevention and snow removal. And Ice Dam Crew is here to help!

So if you’ve got an ice dam problem that needs fixing, our shovels and specialty built low-pressure streamers make us the perfect underdogs for the job.

About Your Ice Dam Crew in West Fargo

We are your local, qualified ice dam pest control team! We may not be the Ghostbusters, but we promise to remove your ice buildup and spare you the horrors of water damage. We have saved many home and business owners across the nation money, time, and effort, and we would love to do the same for you.


The Ice Dam Crew is a team of friendly, ice dam-fighting professionals prepared to assist clients like you with snow and ice dam removal. Our professional Ice Dam Crew has experience removing ice dams. We are fully bonded and insured, and we are a wholly family-owned business. We remove snow and ice dams from many different kinds of properties, including:  

  • Residential homes
  • Cabins
  • Restaurants
  • Movie theaters
  • Anywhere ice builds!

If you own property in North Dakota and need help with removing ice dams, our experience professionals are standing by and ready to help.

Your Ice Dam Crew Guarantee

Within 30 minutes of our arrival at your home in West Fargo, our skilled Ice Dam Crew will clear up any leaks and remove extra snow from your roof. The most important thing is that we remove all that packed snow without harming your roof. We also clear your chimney and attic vents. We provide safe and effective ice dam removal and prevention services across a whopping twenty-six states (scroll down to see our service areas near you).

Removing ice dams from your roof can be dangerous and may cause damage if you do not get professional help.The Ice Dam Crew's qualified experts can quickly and safely remove the ice dams that have formed as well as the snow that has accumulated on your roof. It is risky to climb onto a snowy or ice roof in West Fargo during the winter. For both your safety and ours, we want to assure you that we are completely bonded and insured. We take all necessary precautions to ensure our safety while working on your roof.

Having a trustworthy company working on your roof is important and so is your piece of mind. Included with our 22+ years of experience, we provide you with our before, during, and after photos. If you are need of snow removal or you are ready to take steps to prevent ice dams on your roof, we are standing by to help! Visit our FAQs page for the full rundown.
West Fargo ice dam equipment
Our Ice Dam Removal Equipment
Our secret weapons are our custom low-pressure steamers tailor-made to remove ice damming on roofs. What separates us from the competition? We avoid the use of harmful hot water pressure washers, which may do the job in the short-term, but can actually handicap your roof in the long run. Our low pressure steamers are custom made for ice dam and snow removal so they do not damage your roof shingles.

We DO NOT use hot water pressure washers like most Ice Dam Removal companies. High pressure washers can damage your roof and shingles when they blast 4000 PSI out of the tip of the hose, and they do not burn as hot as a true custom steamer.

Check out our FAQ's page to see the difference between our true ice dam removal steamer and our competitor's hot water pressure washer.
West Fargo ice dam removal
Why it's important to use steam for ice dam removal
Some companies use heated pressure washers to remove ice dams, however, we do not recommend this method. Sending a stream of water at 4000 PSI to your shingles will cause damage. If it is used to remove ice dams and the operator cuts through the ice and into your shingles, they will cut holes in them. Most customers would rather not deal with getting a new roof on top of the damage already caused by the ice dam.

Ice Dam Crew teams only use steam to remove ice dams. Not only is it more effective and faster, but it will not damage your roof. Steam reaching 250-300 degrees is hot enough to cut through the ice quickly, yet at less than 300 PSI, it will prevent shingle damage on your roof. We are so confident in our process, Ice Dam Crew will stand behind our work. We are fully bonded and insured to cover all of the work we complete.

Should I try to remove the snow and ice dam from my roof?

Preventing ice dam on roofs is much easier and more cost effective than needing to remove ice dams from your roof and possibly needing to do renovations from water damage. After all, how can ice dams form when there is no water on your roof to cause them? The best thing to do is to keep the snow off of your roof.

Here are a few tips when removing the snow from your roof:

1. If you choose to do it yourself, always have safety gear when climbing onto your roof. Use chains for your boots, harness yourself so you do not fall, use a plastic shovel (not one with a metal tip), and always shovel towards the ground so you do not tear shingles off of your roof.

2. When using a snow rake to remove snow from your roof, be sure to remove all of the snow, not just the top layer. You should scrape all the way down to your shingles. When only the top layer is removed, the snow rake actually packs down the snow onto your roof, and this packed down snow causes ice damming. In most cases the snow goes up your roof much further. When this happens, ice damming form the entire length of the area you just shoveled!

3. Uncomfortable with removing ice damming yourself? If you need to hire a professional to remove the snow and ice from your roof, be sure to find the right company. Check to make sure they are bonded and insured. When they are on your roof, don't be afraid to ask questions to ensure safety procedures.
West Fargo roof ice dam removal
Help! Can you make the water stop running into my home in West Fargo?
If you live in West Fargo, you are aware of how difficult and snowy our winters can be. If you have snow on your roof, you soon see water leaks in your ceiling or walls. The most likely source of your water leak is an ice blockage that is keeping water from draining from the top of your roof if you have icicles hanging down from your gutters and snow on your roof. Something can be preventing water from draining normally from your roofing materials and into your gutters. The only way to stop it is to clear your roof of snow and ice dams.

Ice Dam Crew is the leading and most trustedIce Dam Removal company in West Fargo! Ice Dam Crew is fully bonded and insured for all residential and commercial properties in West Fargo. The Ice Dam Crew are the true professionals and skilled at operating in harsh winter conditions. We work all over the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. Your Ice Dam Crew is the most trusted company in the USA at finding and removing ice dams from your roof!

Reach out to us at 1-855-GOT-ICEE (1-855-468-4233) to get started.
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Is there an Ice Dam Crew in West Fargo?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Dam Removal in West Fargo

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